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Wood Slice Party Decor - Beverage Tags

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These tags are made of pine wood slices that are cut from trees that have been selected and farmed prior to local Texas clear cutting. They have been dried and cured before they have been printed on in order to ensure that the wood will not warp or crack.

Each set of 7 tags is cut from the same general section of the tree, so they share the same unique shape and character. Each tag ranges from 3-1/4 inches - 4 inches in diameter and approximately 3/8 inch thick. They are waterproofed after they are printed on both sides, then drilled and adorned with a gun metal grommet on both sides as well. For a final touch they are threaded with 3 feet of jute twine.

They are packaged in a very nice, large burlap drawstring bag that you can also use to store them in when you're not using them. But don't anticipate them staying in the bag for too long. With 7 different labels (WATER, LEMONADE, SWEET, UNSWEET, OVER 21, REGULAR, DECAF), you will find reasons to use them, even if you're the only one who will see them.

These are natural pieces of wood, and will vary slightly from piece to piece, and set to set. The bark on the outside is also easily chipped off. While you won't notice much of it falling off with normal use, it is likely to break off in extreme cases. The bag we provide is thicker than what we use with our other products in order to keep these tags more protected.

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